AGWTINC PHILS has properly selected and partnered with major Water Technology Suppliers and Chemical suppliers that can supply the right chemistry and dosage based from our calculations. We formulate much of the treatment due to complex nature source of water which we in turn can also recommend a comprehensive system required for your water treatment to function with stability.

Brackish Water RO (BWRO) System

AGWTINC PHILS has standardized packaged skid mounted system from 300 M3/Day up to 2,000 M3/Day capacities.

Electrodionizaton (EDI) System

AGWTINC PHILS can build and supply EDI for the production of High Purity water up to 16 MegaOhms resistivity for use in Boiler Feed Water (BFW) for high pressure boilers.

Nanofiltration (NF) System

AGWTPHIL can build and supply NF system for Softening, Color, organics and Sulfate removal/reduction.

Mixed Bed (MB) Polisher System

AGWTINC PHILS can build and supply MB polisher system with Carbon steel or FRP pressure vessels build to ASME code .

Microfiltration (MF) System & Ultrafiltration (UF) System

AGWTINC PHILS . has a complete line of standardized skid mounted MF/UF systems from 2.5 M3/Hr. up to 80 M3/Hr. capacities. as pretreatment to downstream SWRO and BWRO system.

Optima Series of Specialty Chemicals for RO

AGWTINC PHILS is the exclusive distributor for Southeast Asia, of Advanced Global Water Technologies, Inc., Wyomissing, PA, USA.

Industrial Waste Water Treatment Technology

AGWT build and supply packaged extended aeration type wastewater treatment plant either in steel or concrete tanks complete with aeration system , blower, sludge settlement and recirculation system. Sizes from 20 M3/Day to 400 M3/Day.

Waste Water Reuse/Recycling System

AGWT can design, build and supply a wastewater recycling system using secondary /tertiary treated wastewater as feed.

Equipment, Machinery and Spare Parts Sourcing

We can also source equipments and spare parts if custom made or modification is not suited for your applications. These can be control systems or modules , filters membranes , dosing equipment etc.

Seawater RO (SWRO) System

AGWTPHIL has standardized SWRO packaged skid mounted system from 50 M3/Day up to 650 M3/Day capacities. Higher capacities can be configured using multiple skids or customized to suit site conditions and customer preference. Feed water up to 36,000 mg./l TDS. Energy Recovery Turbine (ERT) type or Pressure Exchangers will be used to reduce energy consumption depending on Customers’ preference.