Micron Cartridge Filter Vessels

AGWT PHIL thru distributorship agreement with PATS of California, USA and Enceladus Water Group (the Patent and Product owner) can supply Enceladus cartridge filter vessels. These vessels are FRP Construction, manufactured in accordance with ASME Section 10 – no wetted steel parts. Higher tensile strength and greater chemical resistance than SS.

  • Greater safety and reliability
  • Longer vessel life
  • Easier handling, lower installation, operation & maintenance cost
  • Lighter than SS, no special tools required
  • Separate top/bottom closure system for faster cartridge access and change-outs
  • Standard design features include
  • Separate dirty/clean water drain ports, top vent connection, side-in/side-out connections
  • Flow rates from 12m3/h to 334m3/h
  • Models available in 5, 12, 22 and 60 round configurations
  • Housings accommodate standard 2.5” diameter cartridge elements
  • 5 micron or 10 Micro ratings for use as final guard protection for SWRO and BWRO Systems